Tribute to Nana Araba Apt, CofA's founder

On Thursday 9 March 2017, our founder, professor Nana Araba Apt passed away. She was one of CofA's three ‘Founding Mothers’.

For over ten years she was the driving force behind what CofA is today: a well-established Foundation that helps girls from poorer rural regions in Ghana to attain a better education.
Read our tribute to professor Apt, including contributions by Ernestina Marfo - a 2012 CofA girl and graduate of the University of Professional Studies – and Dr Patrick Awuah Jr, President of Ashesi University.


Farewell to our Class of 2019

The last assignment at the end of our 2019 summer camp was writing an essay on their experience with CofA. This was also our last training camp before the COVID-19 pandemic struck Ghana and CofA had to suspend its activities.

The girls who took part in the 2019 summer camp will have sat their entrance exam for secondary education (BECE) in September 2019. Three students share their thoughts:

Klenam on how CofA has helped her: “There has been a great academic, psychological and social transformation in my life [over the past four years] since I started coming to CofA. [The CofA staff] talked to us on how to comport ourselves when we go outside…whenever I am [now] in the midst of people I am able to put up an attitude that speaks well of me, with some even copying my style! I have improved on my confidence…during classes I was able to answer and ask question boldly and freely.”

Tracy on her four-year journey with CofA: “Although my parents taught me moral values…CofA has helped me to build my self-esteem and become independent. I remember [being told by my teacher] that…good things will pass me [by], because I am the shy type. Being with CofA I can now stand in front of people and speak…CofA has taught me how to love myself first and that I am unique.”

Augustina on her experiences at CofA: ”CofA has helped me to perform better and I am now one of the best students in class. It has helped me [with my] reading, speaking fluently and [become] disciplined and manage my time well. Without CofA, I wouldn’t be who I am today!”

Watch the video when one of our potential future leaders gives a vote of thanks.

College for Ama (or CofA, as we call it) started in 2006 helping girls to continue their education at secondary level. This was done through its annual summer camps, a mentoring program and financial assistance.

COVID-19 meant that we had to stop our program. CofA is using this pause to reflect on past achievements and ways to improve its program when it can safely relaunch its activities.

Here is what we achieved at our 10th aniversary in 2016.

See us work and play at the annual Summer Camp

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